Online slots and their randomness.

  • Jul 23, 2021

When you play slots on licenced casinos like , you don't have to worry about their randomness. All such slots are fair and transparent, and deliver objective results. Continue reading this online guide.

Can you rig online slots?

Theoretically, you can rig and influence online slots. But, on a more practical level, this is difficult to accomplish for a variety of reasons. First, slots in licenced casinos can't be changed or rigged.

  • Find out whether your casino is licenced or not.

A casino that is licenced has to follow all the rules laid down by the regulators. This means that all the games have to run fairly, and with the minimum of issues. Receiving a licence is very difficult.

Random Number Generators

All online slots in licenced online casinos are run by Random Number Generators. The latter are highly complex virtual computers, and are difficult to crack or manipulate. Keep reading this helpful online slots' explainer.

Who monitors RNGs? These are checked and monitored by third party monitors like eCogra. This organization is trusted by millions of players and casinos for its professionalism, and integrity. Look out for a seal of approval from eCogra.

Return to Player and Volatility

Online slots in licenced casinos are random and fair for another reason. These games advertise their Return to Player percentages so that players can make informed decisions. An RTP basically defines the probable profitability of a slot.

  • Never gamble on online slots using public Wi-Fi.

Suppose a slot has 98% RTP. This means that this game is likely to return 98% of your investment over a period. Slots are also defined by their variance or volatility. Carry on reading this article.

What is volatility?

Highly volatile slots can make you very rich or poor within minutes. On the other hand, there are slots that take time to award you even a small win. These games have low to medium volatility.

Slot volatility is a function of its randomness. While you can never be assured of the magnitude of your win or loss, you can get an idea of how quickly can you rake up a win or loss.

  • Look up at your slot's paytable to understand its variance or RTP

Do slots actually pay money?

All online slots on licenced casinos pay you money depending upon three factors- luck, the right strategy, and the right game. You also win by way of your online casino bonus. Trust your online slots.

If you think you have been conned by your operator, you can raise a ticket with your live customer agent. Of course, you can also speak with the licence provider. Dispute resolution is quick and efficient.

How random are online slots?