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Santa Fe depot waiting room

Santa Fe depot waiting room

These next three photos of the interior of the 1910 Santa Fe Railway depot in Fort Madison, Iowa may have been taken by a Santa Fe photographer right after the interior was remodeled. They are dated August 27, 1946. In another photo taken in January, 1946 of the ice jam flood the exterior of the bell tower is surrounded by scaffolding. So while we have yet to find a definite answer we believe that is the approximate date of remodeling. We also found evidence of a small fire in the attic around the interior wall of the bell tower that started from the baggage room wall. Could this have what prompted the Art Deco thin wall paneling with chrome trim? Are there any history detectives or photos of a depot fire out there? Comments are welcome.

Uploaded: Mon Apr 05, 2010 @ 01:42PM by Bryor McMillen
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